Resources for Game Makers (with Evva Kraikul)

Our interview episodes feature one or more guests to talk about a single topic in-depth, sharing their insights and experiences.

Without Glitch, there would be no Nice Games Club, so we were very happy to welcome the Executive Director and co-founder of Glitch, Evva Kraikul, to share with us what it takes to build a community of game makers, how to get involved, and the “small moments that define a community.”

Glitch Connect

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Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Minnesota State Arts Board
The McKnight Foundation
Northern Spark

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[Other gamedev spaces]
GameNest – San Fransisco
GlitchCityLA – Los Angeles
Hand-Eye Society – Toronto
Babycastles – New York City

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The Video Game Industry’s Problem With Racial Diversity – Newsweek
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