GDC 2017 Special (Part 1)

Martha and Mark were in San Fransisco for the Game Developers Conference, and there was so much to say we had to split it into two episodes!

While Stephen was holding down the fort back home, we were joined in San Fransisco by Nice Games Club’s in-house “special reporter” Dylan Skerbitz.

[0:00:58] Train Jam
Train Jam
Train Jam participants heading to GDC 2017 anxious about ‘Muslim ban’ – Polygon

[0:13:13] Train Jam Interviews

Arvind Raja Yadav made Zombies on Demand
More from Arvind: Pyrodactyl Games

Andrew Shouldice made Uncomfortably
More from Andrew: Secret Legend

Kate Gray made Post Birb
More from Kate:

Kate Compton made Travels in Od
More from Kate:

Alex Carlson made Ultimate Train Fighter 2600
More from Alex:

Creatrix Tiara made What The $!#&@! Do They Need Now?
More from Tiara:

Matt Findlater made Flashlight Flashbang
More from Matt: @justattackgames

Stefan Lopuszanski made Time Twins
More from Stefan:

[0:24:21] Day of the Devs at Alamo Drafthouse
Day of the Devs at GDC 2017
Mineko’s Night Market
Knights and Bikes

[0:35:06] GDC Sessions
Khronos Group
Turbo Button’s “TButt” framework
Revisiting “Games Should be Games Again”

[0:52:27] Adventures in conference scheduling

[0:55:35] BONUS: Martha listens to Mark and Dylan gush over Star Trek: Bridge Crew

[1:03:40] Outro