“Mutual butt-kicking.” Getting Out of a Rut, Bots, Procedural Generation

This week’s roundtable episode has it all: Confusion, technobabble, randomness… and shoot, a whole lot more besides!

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[0:02:54] Getting Out of a Rut
Tim Schafer on productivity
Stephen’s motivation week

[0:19:44] Bots! Bots! Bots!
Tech the Tech
Tracery for Unity
Kate Compton
Mark Gritter on Twitter
“Play This Clever Adventure Game Entirely On Twitter” – Kotaku
MN Bot Makers – Meetup
Quick, Draw!
Cheap Bots Done Quick

[0:35:40] Procedural Generation
“Procedural world generation: The simulation, functional and planning approaches” – Gamasutra
“Spelunky Generator Lessons” – Darius Kazemi
“No Man’s Sky – Procedural Content” – 3DGameDev Blog
“How Planets are Made in Elite: Dangerous Horizons” – WCCF Tech
“Fallout 4: Here’s All the Names That Codsworth Can Say” – Gamespot