“I trolled myself.” Business Stuff, Nintendo Switch, Competitive Play

This week’s roundtable provides practical knowledge on three of today’s most important life topics: Starting a business, being a good competitor, and playing Nintendo.

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[0:01:51] Business Stuff
“Is game development your hobby or your business? – Gamasutra
“How LLC Members Are Taxed” – Nolo
Starting a Business – MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
“Do You Need a Physical Address For Your Business?” – LegalZoom

[0:23:49] Nintendo Switch
“Arms launches on June 16, new character Min Min revealed” – Nintendo Everything
“Nintendo Reveals A New ARMS Character, And It’s An Odd One” – NintendoLife
Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Hestu’s dance
Jackbox Party Pack 3
Human Resource Machine
“Nintendo Switch dev kits could run as low as $440” – Gamasutra
“With the Switch, Nintendo is getting right what the PlayStation Vita got wrong” – GamesRadar
“PlayStation Vita isn’t dead, just ask Nintendo Switch indie developers” – The Verge

[0:43:20] Competition
“‘Playing to Win’ and a Philosophy of Competition in Gaming” – Gamasutra
“Is Wavedashing necessary for competitive play?” – reddit
Clawbreaker Trailer
Metro Nexus Gameplay