“Evil Games Club 2!” Crafting Systems; Game Jams; Bad Gamedev Habits

Uh oh… they’re back… it’s EVIL GAMES CLUB!


Snide laugh! Malicious gafaw! In this, our second evil episode, your evil hosts revisit some of the dumb topics Nice Games Club covered in previous episodes, and correct the record where required. We’re at it again, being evil, that is!


  • Dale posts bugs on Instagram now.
  • This is the spider Dale was talking about in the intro.

[0:02:46] Crafting Systems

(This topic is a followup to the episode “It’s against the law to stop.”)

[0:26:23] Game Jams

(This topic is a followup to the episodes “Bananas, from here to eternity” and GDC 2017 Special, Part 1.)

[0:52:39] Bad Gamedev Habits

(This topic is a followup to the episode “Can I tweet about this?”)

  • While this topic was mostly evil talk directed at Nice Game Club, it also included some uncharacteristically sage advice from your evil hosts. Take heed, or suffer!