Community Management (with Holly Harrison)

This week, the clubhouse is being occupied by Glitch’s Summer 2017 Immersion Program cohort, so your nice hosts relocate to Mark’s kitchen and talk over tea with the astoundingly insightful and utterly charming Holly Harrison, professional social media and community manager, to talk about building and engaging with an audience online.


Nice Plays: OneShot

IT’S A VIDEO PODCAST!! Watch in your podcast app, or on our YouTube channel.

It’s Nice Games’ Club take on the Let’s Play! Introducing “Nice Plays,” where the Nice Games Club gamedevs play nice games. Our first Nice Play features the recent indie (re-)release “OneShot.” We talk about the game’s unique design choices as we fumble around to figure out the controls.

But, like for every Nice Play, after 17 minutes of gameplay our egg timer goes off, which means it’s time to end the show.

This is a new format for us, and we don’t quite yet know what we’re doing, so let us know what you think by visiting our feedback form. Tell us what you think about Nice Plays, what you like about them and how you think we can do better.

Game: OneShot (website)
Developer: Little Cat Feet
Publisher: Degica
Release date: June 30th, 2014 (original), December 6, 2016 (remake, Steam)
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Summary: “OneShot is a surreal top down Puzzle/Adventure game with unique gameplay capabilities. You are to guide a child through a mysterious world on a mission to restore its long-dead sun. The world knows you exist.”

“Ugly and hard to use.” Your Game’s Website; Exhibits and Installations; Losing

This week, Martha stops short of detailing the DNS protocol, Mark describes a completely different Star Trek VR thing which he made for the Minnesota Orchestra Hall, and Stephen explains how to lose like a real champ.

Plus, like the classic 1985 film Clue, this episode has multiple endings!

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[0:08:13] Your Game’s Website

[0:36:31] Game Exhibits and Installations

[1:06:40] Losing

“Maybe a Zeldo.” Enemy AI; Co-op Games; Speedrunning

The clubhouse A/C broke, and it got so hot during the recording of this episode that your nice hosts started to get a little delirious.

But before they completely melted down, Mark talked about how Enemy AI can be a great tool for both level design and narrative design, Stephen collaborated on a discussion about co-op games, and Martha shared her excitement about the recently held Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning event.

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  • Stephen on Twitter: @leonyx03
  • Some highlights from Mark’s VR night! 1, 2, 3

[0:03:00] Enemy AI

[0:29:40] Co-op Games

[0:47:42] Speedrunning

Games User Research, Redux! (with Hannah Murphy)

In a previous episode, we mentioned that Mark’s game, Metro Nexus, recently underwent a usability study, so for this episode, we brought in the Games User Researcher who conducted it, Hannah Murphy!

Hannah talks about her work, explains the value of UX research for indie developers, and discusses the study she did for Metro Nexus.

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Metro Nexus