GDC 2017 Special (Part 2)

It’s the finale of our double-sized GDC 2017 special, recorded on the final day of the Game Developers Conference.

Martha and Mark were joined once again in San Fransisco by “Special Reporter” Dylan Skerbitz to talk about the back half of the conference, while Stephen joins in remotely from Glitch HQ to talk all about the Nintendo Switch!

[0:02:40] GDC Sessions
“Sid Meier tells Civilization’s origin story” – Ars Techinca
“Double Fine’s Digital Archaeology” –
“Ladykiller in a Bind review” – Polygon
“Double Tap” – Ste Curran

Meet your heroes.

[0:19:48] Nintendo Switch
“Unreal Engine 4.15 supports Nintendo Switch” – Ara Technica
“You can expect a Super Smash Bros. game for Nintendo Switch” – CNET

Friend of the show Adia showing off some new wares.

[0:34:46] Flash Games Postmortem
“How Flash Games and Newgrounds Foretold Today’s Indie Experimentalism” – Waypoint

[0:36:32] Experimental Games Workshop
“’Multibowl’ Is the First Real Video Game Mixtape” – Motherboard

[0:38:22] Micro-Postmortems
Christine Love’s summary – Twitter

[0:39:31] Outro

GDC 2017 Special (Part 1)

Martha and Mark were in San Fransisco for the Game Developers Conference, and there was so much to say we had to split it into two episodes!

While Stephen was holding down the fort back home, we were joined in San Fransisco by Nice Games Club’s in-house “special reporter” Dylan Skerbitz.

[0:00:58] Train Jam
Train Jam
Train Jam participants heading to GDC 2017 anxious about ‘Muslim ban’ – Polygon

[0:13:13] Train Jam Interviews

Arvind Raja Yadav made Zombies on Demand
More from Arvind: Pyrodactyl Games

Andrew Shouldice made Uncomfortably
More from Andrew: Secret Legend

Kate Gray made Post Birb
More from Kate:

Kate Compton made Travels in Od
More from Kate:

Alex Carlson made Ultimate Train Fighter 2600
More from Alex:

Creatrix Tiara made What The $!#&@! Do They Need Now?
More from Tiara:

Matt Findlater made Flashlight Flashbang
More from Matt: @justattackgames

Stefan Lopuszanski made Time Twins
More from Stefan:

[0:24:21] Day of the Devs at Alamo Drafthouse
Day of the Devs at GDC 2017
Mineko’s Night Market
Knights and Bikes

[0:35:06] GDC Sessions
Khronos Group
Turbo Button’s “TButt” framework
Revisiting “Games Should be Games Again”

[0:52:27] Adventures in conference scheduling

[0:55:35] BONUS: Martha listens to Mark and Dylan gush over Star Trek: Bridge Crew

[1:03:40] Outro

GDC 2017 Preview

Two-thirds of the Nice Games Club are in San Fransisco this week for the Game Developers Conference, and we’re recording some segments for a special episode while we’re here. Let Mark tell you all about it…

It’s a bay area dutch angle!

Co-Op Recap – Transmedia (with Lane Davis and Felix Foster)

Our Co-op Recap episodes feature one or more guests to discuss the topic of that month’s Co-Op Talk group discussion at Glitch HQ.

On this Co-Op Recap episode, we welcome developer Lane Davis and writer Felix Foster, who were the co-facilitators of the Glitch Co-Op Talk about Transmedia and Intellectual Property.

Also, friend of the show Adia Alderson returns to fill in for Martha, who we all missed very dearly, but you wouldn’t know it by how lively our conversation was. We really get into it!

Lane and Felix, commanding the room.

Felix on Twitter: @Felixxx244
Lane on the web:

[Mentioned in the episode]
I Have No Mouth but I Must Scream
Zelda CYOA books
Why Are There No Good Video Game Movies? – Extra Credits
Mortal Kombat chess
Mortal Kombat Tetris
Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy

[Additional material]


Solo Development (with Will Tice)

Developer, pixel artist, and YouTube vlogger Will Tice joins the club to talk about building his own game engine, and what it’s like to go solo.

Will’s game Atmocopter just launched on Steam Greenlight. If you’re nice, you’ll download the demo and vote YES!

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Atmocopter on Steam Greenlight
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