“Videogame turducken.” Steam; Games in Games

It’s been awhile since your nice hosts recorded in the clubhouse, and they have a lot to talk about, including news about Martha’s now-in-development point-and-click game!

This, plus the return of Mortho, an uncritical endorsement of capitalism, and Stephen admitting that Uncharted 4 maybe had some good things about it.


[0:10:06] Steam

[0:43:35] Games in Games

Character Dialogue (with Felix Foster)

This week, your nice hosts are introduced by Felix Foster, writer and narrative designer, to talk about character dialogue (or dialog, as was deemed also appropriate during the show).


Nicest of 2017

Another year of great games! All “four” of your hosts gather in the freezing clubhouse to talk about some of the nicest games of 2017. They decided that they couldn’t ALL talk about Zelda and Mario for the whole episode so each of them picked exactly two games to highlight. Mark is on brand, Stephen makes some ambitious resolutions and Martha totally didn’t cheat the system.


[0:08:19]Martha’s/Mortho’s Nicest:

[0:22:09]Mark’s Nicest:

[0:32:33]Stephen’s Nicest:

[0:38:35]Most Anticipated 2018



[0:43:00]Game Dev Resolutions

“I have so much feelings…” Loot Systems; Loot Boxes

This week, your nice hosts get into it. Stephen is split on everything, Mark is the bad guy, and it’s all Martha’s fault.

Stephen and Mark talked about their Ludum Dare 40 game, Widget Satchel, which Martha played on last week’s Nice Plays episode!

[0:03:58] Loot Systems

[0:29:30] Loot Boxes

Nice Plays: Ludum Dare 40 games (2017)

“Nice Plays” are video episodes where your nice hosts play and talk about a game for a limited time before an egg timer goes off!

(Watch this and other Nice Plays on YouTube for HD-quality.)

It’s an Xmas miracle! In this jumbo-sized edition, your nice hosts play 36 (!!!) games in less than 50 minutes! Each of these games were created during the 40th Ludum Dare online game jam, which took place December 1st – 4th, 2017.

Stephen and Mark participated in this jam with friends of the show Sara Ferret and Lane Davis, and to cap off this episode, Martha plays their game, Widget Satchel.