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“Mutual butt-kicking.” Getting Out of a Rut, Bots, Procedural Generation

This week’s roundtable episode has it all: Confusion, technobabble, randomness… and shoot, a whole lot more besides!

Glitch Connect digital games festival is coming up, May 5th-7th in Minneapolis. Get your tickets now!

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Nice Games Club feedback form
Glitch Connect

[0:02:54] Getting Out of a Rut
Tim Schafer on productivity
Stephen’s motivation week

[0:19:44] Bots! Bots! Bots!
Tech the Tech
Tracery for Unity
Kate Compton
Mark Gritter on Twitter
“Play This Clever Adventure Game Entirely On Twitter” – Kotaku
MN Bot Makers – Meetup
Quick, Draw!
Cheap Bots Done Quick

[0:35:40] Procedural Generation
“Procedural world generation: The simulation, functional and planning approaches” – Gamasutra
“Spelunky Generator Lessons” – Darius Kazemi
“No Man’s Sky – Procedural Content” – 3DGameDev Blog
“How Planets are Made in Elite: Dangerous Horizons” – WCCF Tech
“Fallout 4: Here’s All the Names That Codsworth Can Say” – Gamespot

Co-Op Recap: Problematic Games (with Sara Ferret and Ajuawak Kapashesit)

Our Co-op Recap episodes feature one or more guests to discuss the topic of that month’s Co-Op Talk group discussion at Glitch HQ.

The next Co-Op Talk is on “Mastering Games” and takes place on April 20th, 2017. Details will appear here:

On this Co-Op Recap episode, we welcome musician and 3D artist Sara Ferret along with game designer Ajuawak Kapashesit to talk about March’s Glitch Co-Op Talk topic, Problematic Games.

[Additional material]
“7 Ridiculously Sexualized Moments in the Metal Gear Solid Games” – Dorkly
“Assassin’s Creed and the straight-white-male default” – How Manly
“Your fave is problematic: Mass Effect” – Mostly About Important Things
“Trekkie Feminist analyzes how boldly “Star Trek” actually went” – The Daily Dot
“The Division – Problematic Meaning in Mechanics” – Extra Credits
Feminist Frequency on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
“Tomb Raider 3 & Loving Problematic Media” – FemHype
“How to be a fan of problematic things” – Social Justice League

“Pick up all the things!” Prototyping, Point and Clicks, User Interfaces

In this super-sized episode, your nice hosts get into the gritty details of game design with a trio of terrific topics. Martha lays out the concept for her next game, Stephen complains about Smash Bros. (!), and Mark takes a lot of notes. Plus, maybe the best topic transitions to ever come out of the clubhouse!

GlitchCon digital games festival is coming up, May 5th-7th in Minneapolis. Get your tickets now!

We’re still looking for feedback from our listeners! Be nice and visit our feedback form. It will only take a minute of your time and it will help us make the show better.

GlitchCon Brewery tour
Nice Games Club feedback form

[0:05:18] Prototyping
GDC Game Design Workshop
Mark’s Sonic The Hedgehog solitaire card game
Holographic Mark Mk I

[0:26:28] Point and Clicks
Puzzle Dependency Graph Primer” – Gamasutra
The Day of The Tentacle: Dependency Graph Analysis” – The Website is Down
Double Fine Adventure
Humongous Entertainment
Cosmic Osmo
“25 years of HyperCard—the missing link to the Web” – Ars Technica

[0:42:26] User Interfaces
“User interface design in video games” – Gamasutra
“The User Interface Continuum: A Study Of Player Preference” – Gamasutra
Splinter Cell: Conviction Developer Diary” – IGN
“Mirror’s Edge – UX is not UI” – GUR-U
Hue’s color blind mode in action
Color Jumper’s color blind mode in action
The Division UI and Gameplay Walkthrough”
Breaking Conventions with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” – GDC 2017

Gamedev Education (with Rachel Peterson)

In this interview episode, we talk with Lord President of the Game Design Club at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Rachel Peterson, to talk about how to go about getting an education in games. Your nice hosts also recount their own gamedev educational origin stories, and the episode closes out with a quick run though of all the advice!

Rachel on Twitter

Extra Credits
Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)
Pong clone tutorial

Rachel’s quick-draw portrait of Mark
Rachel’s quick-draw portrait of Stephen
Rachel’s white-board self-portrait

One Game A Month
“On Game Schools – How to Find a Good Degree” – Extra Credits
NYU Game Center
University of Wisconsin – Stout
Game Design Workshop (book)
GDC Vault
Unite Conference
Game Maker’s Toolkit