Solo Development (with Will Tice)

Developer, pixel artist, and YouTube vlogger Will Tice joins the club to talk about building his own game engine, and what it’s like to go solo.

Will’s game Atmocopter just launched on Steam Greenlight. If you’re nice, you’ll download the demo and vote YES!

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“Can I tweet about this?” Glitch’s Immersion, Work/Life Balance, Tools of the Trade

It’s an episode packed to the gills, hosted by two manatees and an otter!

Your hosts each talk about their time with Glitch’s Immersion program, and Mark shares what he learned about its most recent cohort, which he filmed for an upcoming documentary.

We then bum ourselves out talking about how we never have enough time to work on our projects, but things pick up for the final segment as we gab about some of our our favorite gamedev tools, including a bunch of suggestions from listeners. Be sure to browse the links below to learn more about them!

Martha’s Voxel Art!



[04:00] Glitch’s Immersion Program

[18:22] Work/Life Balance

[32:33] Tools of the Trade

Version Control

Unity Assets
Unity Asset Store
Super Fast Soft Shadows

Graphics Software
3d Studio Max
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Animate
Pyxel Edit

User Forums
Stack Overflow
Unity forums

Game Engines
Citrus Engine

Sound and Music

Project Management
Visual Understanding Environment

Code Editors / IDEs
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio
JetBrains Rider
Flash Builder

Google Keep

Other Resources
Humble Indie Dev Bundles
Midwest Game Jam Resources

Extracurricular Activities (with Ryan Foss)

Once a month, the Twin Cities chapter of the International Game Developers Association holds a public meetup, where all are welcome to view presentations, plug their projects, and network with others.

As chair of the IGDA-TC, Ryan Foss coordinates and hosts the meetup, and his example helps foster a welcoming and supportive environment for Twin Cities gamedevs. In this episode, we talk to Ryan about what it takes to maintain an “extracurricular activity.”

The next IGDA-TC meetup, mentioned in this episode, takes place Wednesday, Feb 8th. Details here.

International Game Developers Association, Twin Cities
Minnesota Virtual Reality and Human-Computer Interaction Group
IGDA-TC podcast

“Try it once.” Watching Games, Narrative in Games, Board Games

Our 10th(!!!) episode has your nice hosts teetering on the edge of not-so-niceness as they each describe something they just don’t get (or don’t quite like) in gaming, and hope the other two can bring them around.

[01:28] Watching Games
EVO Fighting Game Tournament
“The Controversial Dichotomy Between Sports and eSports” – Huffington Post
Achievement Hunter – Rooster Teeth
Defend the House (“gaming Mythbusters”) – YouTube
Contradiction: Spot the Liar! – Giant Bomb
Her Story
“On Let’s Plays” – That Dragon, Cancer

[13:00] Narrative in Games
“Ludonarrative Dissonance in Bioshock” – Click Nothing
Batman: Arkham Knight – lockup scene
Portal 2 – funniest quotes
The Stanley Parable
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – ending (Let’s Play)

[29:27] Board Games
Dungeon! (created by Martha’s dad, David Megarry)
Animal Town Games: Save the Whales, Dam Builders, Nectar Collector
Star Trek: Ascendancy
Puerto Rico

“Will you be the best with me?” Gaming Mastery, Strategy Guides, Designing Party Games

Some firsts in this episode: Our first iTunes review (thanks, Abdiwak!), our first episode of interconnected topics, and our first big ideological disagreement (ooo, drama!).

[01:33] Gaming Mastery
Gamer Motivation Profile quiz

[20:45] Strategy Guides and Wikis
(Martha) Pokemon Crystal guide
Stephen) Donkey Kong Country 2 guide
(Mark) Nintendo Power’s Dragon Warrior giveaway

[38:30] Designing Party Games
Ultimate Chicken Horse
We Didn’t Playtest This At All!
Jackbox Party Pack
Save the Whales
Sushi Go!