“This misinformation vortex.” One year of Nice Games Club!

It’s a very special episode, as your nice hosts celebrate one year(!!!) of Nice Games Club by revising their favorite topics from the show’s first 50+ episodes. Also: Mark complains about Las Vegas, Martha repeatedly gets the last laugh, and Stephen doesn’t like talking about his problems.

Reminisce with us by listening to our very first episode.

[0:03:06] Imposter Syndrome

[0:14:20] Conferences

[0:24:50] VR Development

[0:40:08] Prototyping

[0:48:44] Messages and Meanings

[1:06:04] Strategy Guides

[1:13:57] The future of Nice Games Club

Puzzle/Escape Rooms (with Art Allen)

A special episode, with a unique guest, who is also a fan of the show! Minneapolis-based Riddle Room creator and owner Art Allen enters the clubhouse to talk about making, designing, and operating puzzle/escape room games, and the ways in which its similar and different from creating digital games.


Nice Plays: Super Mario Bros. 2 [Japan] (1986)

“Nice Plays” are video episodes where your nice hosts play and talk about a game for 17 minutes, then an egg timer goes off!

In this episode, Martha (and then Stephen) are tortured by bad level design and user-hostile game mechanics in the original Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2, while Mark praises the oft-misunderstood American version of the game.

NOTE: Mark was wrong. There *were* mid-level checkpoints in the original Super Mario Bros.

Game: Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)
Developer/Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Famicom Disk System
Year: 1986
Genre: Platformer


  • This game is exhaustively detailed at Super Mario Wiki.
  • Mark really loves the American version of Super Mario Bros. 2, which you can read a lot about.

Nice Plays: Color Jumper (2017)

“Nice Plays” are video episodes where your nice hosts play and talk about a game for 17 minutes, then an egg timer goes off.

In this episode, Mark plays a new indie release by a Twin Cities developer. He dies a lot, and it’s only partially the controller’s fault.

Game: Color Jumper
Developer/Publisher: Tall Beard Studios
Platform: Windows / Mac / Linux
Year: 2017
Genre: Precision Platformer


“Boo!” Upcoming Games; Release Dates; Win Conditions

In our first (and likely only ever) Halloween episode, Martha haunts the clubhouse, Mark delivers some bad Zelda-related news to Stephen, and from Stephen’s topic a thousand flowers bloom.

Stephen’s IDGA talk is next week! Details here.

Mark gave a talk on object-oriented programming at the first annual M+DEV conference last weekend.

[0:04:41] Upcoming Games

[0:20:58] Release Dates

[0:31:07] Win Conditions