“Maybe a Zeldo.” Enemy AI; Co-op Games; Speedrunning

The clubhouse A/C broke, and it got so hot during the recording of this episode that your nice hosts started to get a little delirious.

But before they completely melted down, Mark talked about how Enemy AI can be a great tool for both level design and narrative design, Stephen collaborated on a discussion about co-op games, and Martha shared her excitement about the recently held Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning event.

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  • Stephen on Twitter: @leonyx03
  • Some highlights from Mark’s VR night! 1, 2, 3

[0:03:00] Enemy AI

[0:29:40] Co-op Games

[0:47:42] Speedrunning

Games User Research, Redux! (with Hannah Murphy)

In a previous episode, we mentioned that Mark’s game, Metro Nexus, recently underwent a usability study, so for this episode, we brought in the Games User Researcher who conducted it, Hannah Murphy!

Hannah talks about her work, explains the value of UX research for indie developers, and discusses the study she did for Metro Nexus.

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Metro Nexus


“My computer vapes.” Building a PC; Pen and Paper RPGs; E3 Recap

Martha brags about her computer, Mark finds yet another excuse to talk about Star Trek, and Stephen is still holding out hope for a Smash Bros. announcement.

NOTE: After an epic (off-screen) battle, your nice hosts have managed to regain control of the clubhouse from their evil counterparts. We apologize for last week’s evil interruption. It will never happen again… we hope.

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[0:05:08] Building a PC

[0:37:18]  Pen and Paper RPGs

Pictured: Stephen in another life.

[1:01:03] E3 Recap

Evil Games Club! An Evil Introduction; Gamer Motivation Profiles; Mario Kart

Oh no… My wife, my boyfriend Dylan, and Adia somehow manage to take over the broadcast for… EVIL GAMES CLUB!


Mwa ha ha! For our first villainous episode, your evil hosts discuss what their deal is, do a deep dive into Quantic Foundry’s Gamer Motivation Profile, and rail against Mario Kart battle mode. Enjoy! Or don’t! We don’t care! We’re evil!

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[0:01:44] An Evil Introduction

[0:15:20] Gamer Motivation Profile

[1:22:23] Mario Kart

  • No links for this section, just evil talk.


“We joke here.” Future Projects; Steam Direct; Racing Games

In this episode, you nice hosts discuss some current events and engage in some future prognostications. Plus: more puns than reasonable.

Apologies for the slightly odd audio quality on this one. The band playing at the bar downstairs was a bit louder and started a bit earlier than we expected. Much sound modeling. So noise reduction.

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  • Martha’s dad will be speaking at the IDGA-TC meeting, on July 12th. Visit igdatc.org for more details.

[0:04:31] Future Projects

[0:37:40] Steam Direct

[0:53:02] Racing Games

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