Playtesting (with “#1 Playtester” Dale LaCroix)

Well, it finally happened. Dale LaCroix, (aka: “#1 Playtester,” one-third of Evil Games Club, and Mark’s wife) joins your nice hosts in the clubhouse to talk about playtesting!

Stephen writes down everything Dale says about what it takes to be a good playtester, Martha laughs at all of Dale’s jokes, and Mark deals with the fact that his wife doesn’t really like his game.

We also talked about the recent solar eclipse. Check out Martha’s photo, taken at the moment of totality:


Games User Research, Redux! (with Hannah Murphy)

In a previous episode, we mentioned that Mark’s game, Metro Nexus, recently underwent a usability study, so for this episode, we brought in the Games User Researcher who conducted it, Hannah Murphy!

Hannah talks about her work, explains the value of UX research for indie developers, and discusses the study she did for Metro Nexus.

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Metro Nexus


Games User Research and Analytics (with Nic VanMeerten)

Nic VanMeerten is a Games User Researcher and one of the co-founders of Glitch. He talks to your nice hosts about how meeting with researchers working on League of Legends at Riot Games jump-started his career in Games User Research, the different research methods used in GUR, the benefits of qualitative versus quantitative approaches, working with Unity Analytics, and more!

Want to find Nic on the Internet? Search Nicolaas VanMeerten on Google!
Or follow him on Twitter: @nicolaasvm

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“I am a Juice Journeyman!” Serial Game Design, Video Game Juice (with Lane Davis)

A roundtable episode in disguise! Game designer/developer and friend of the show, Lane Davis, enters the clubhouse to guest host an episode where the topics are all his!

Lane brings some friendly debate (and shockingly accurate calendar math) to the show, in his continuing quest to make Nice Games Club just a little bit less nice. Yet he somehow manages to say some of the nicest things anyone has ever said on the program.

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[0:03:05] Serial Game Design

[0:14:57] Changing your mind as a game developer

[0:31:19] Starting your next project

[0:35:18] Video Game Juice

Violence in Games (with Dev Jana)

This week’s interview episode features Dev Jana, one half of the team behind Newt One, a non-violent music-infused 3D platformer.

We talk with Dev about how Newt One transformed (through continuous iteration) from a “Mario 64” clone into a game where “there are no bad guys” and nothing you do can hurt anything.

We also discuss the purpose and use of violence in video games, including the games we’re all working on. When can violence be utilized effectively though mechanics and story? And when is it simply an lazy way to build tension and create challenge for the player?

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Dev Jana
Twitter: @dnanewtone
Facebook: /DevNAri