Solo Development (with Will Tice)

Developer, pixel artist, and YouTube vlogger Will Tice joins the club to talk about building his own game engine, and what it’s like to go solo.

Will’s game Atmocopter just launched on Steam Greenlight. If you’re nice, you’ll download the demo and vote YES!

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Atmocopter on Steam Greenlight
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Extracurricular Activities (with Ryan Foss)

Once a month, the Twin Cities chapter of the International Game Developers Association holds a public meetup, where all are welcome to view presentations, plug their projects, and network with others.

As chair of the IGDA-TC, Ryan Foss coordinates and hosts the meetup, and his example helps foster a welcoming and supportive environment for Twin Cities gamedevs. In this episode, we talk to Ryan about what it takes to maintain an “extracurricular activity.”

The next IGDA-TC meetup, mentioned in this episode, takes place Wednesday, Feb 8th. Details here.

International Game Developers Association, Twin Cities
Minnesota Virtual Reality and Human-Computer Interaction Group
IGDA-TC podcast

Music for Indie Games (with Troy Strand)

Musician and educator Troy Strand joins the club to talk about writing music for indie games and working with indie devs, and your nice hosts do a lot of learning. Troy also shares details about his new crowdfunding platform Raisable.

Troy Strand on Twitter: @yellowchord
Yellow Chord Audio
A Druid’s Duel
Verdant Skies
Venture Academy

Resources for Game Makers (with Evva Kraikul)

Our interview episodes feature one or more guests to talk about a single topic in-depth, sharing their insights and experiences.

Without Glitch, there would be no Nice Games Club, so we were very happy to welcome the Executive Director and co-founder of Glitch, Evva Kraikul, to share with us what it takes to build a community of game makers, how to get involved, and the “small moments that define a community.”

Glitch Connect

[Artist grants]
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Minnesota State Arts Board
The McKnight Foundation
Northern Spark

[Developer meetups] search
How to create an Eventbrite event
IGDA Chapters listing

[Other gamedev spaces]
GameNest – San Fransisco
GlitchCityLA – Los Angeles
Hand-Eye Society – Toronto
Babycastles – New York City

[Diversity in games development]
The Video Game Industry’s Problem With Racial Diversity – Newsweek
How Diversity Makes Us Smarter – Scientific American

Steam Greenlight (with Andy and Beth Korth)

Little Gabe, making eyes at Martha.
Little Gabe, making eyes at Martha.

Our interview episodes feature one or more guests to talk about a single topic in-depth, sharing their insights and experiences.

On our first interview episode, it’s a family affair, as Beth and Andy Korth (plus adorable baby Gabe!), join us in the Nice Games Clubhouse to share their experience getting their upcoming game Verdant Skies though the Steam Greenlight process.

Verdant Skies Greenlight page
Skye Storme’s YouTube video on Verdant Skies
Verdant Skies website