LIVE from GlitchCon 2017 (with Rebekah and Adam Saltsman)

For our first ever LIVE episode, we took the main stage at GlitchCon 2017 along with our guests Rebekah and Adam Saltsman, co-founders of Finji, publisher of “Night in the Woods” and developer of “Overland” and “Canabalt,” to talk about talking about games!

Plus your nice hosts and their guests each recount moments where they “leveled up” as game developers.

Rebekah: @BexSaltsman
Finji: Website @finjico
Overland: Website @OverlandGame

[0:01:45] Talking about your game to different audiences
[0:32:35] Moments where you “leveled up” as a gamedev
[0:45:56] Outro

At the end of this episode, Stephen was able to guilt a whole room full of people to fill out our feedback form, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Hearing from you helps make our show better, so get on it!

Putting on a GlitchCon! (with Alex Chang)

In this interview episode, we talk to Glitch’s “Official Zookeeper” Alex Chang, who is the producer of this year’s Glitch Connect digital games festival, coming up May 5-7th, 2017. He talks with us about what it’s like to put on a show, and gives some great advice on how to put on your own.

We recorded this episode before the sessions for GlitchCon were announced. Check out the full listing here!

The final stop on the GlitchCon brewery tour is on April 19th at Modest Brewing Co. in Minneapolis.

We’ve extended our GlitchCon contest! Nice Games Club is giving away two free tickets to GlitchCon! Go to to get to our listing on the iTunes website, click the link to open our show in iTunes itself, sign in and leave a review by 11:59pm on Wednesday, April 26th for a chance to win. It doesn’t even have to be a nice review!

Gamedev Education (with Rachel Peterson)

In this interview episode, we talk with Lord President of the Game Design Club at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Rachel Peterson, to talk about how to go about getting an education in games. Your nice hosts also recount their own gamedev educational origin stories, and the episode closes out with a quick run though of all the advice!

Rachel on Twitter

Extra Credits
Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)
Pong clone tutorial

Rachel’s quick-draw portrait of Mark
Rachel’s quick-draw portrait of Stephen
Rachel’s white-board self-portrait

One Game A Month
“On Game Schools – How to Find a Good Degree” – Extra Credits
NYU Game Center
University of Wisconsin – Stout
Game Design Workshop (book)
GDC Vault
Unite Conference
Game Maker’s Toolkit

Solo Development (with Will Tice)

Developer, pixel artist, and YouTube vlogger Will Tice joins the club to talk about building his own game engine, and what it’s like to go solo.

Will’s game Atmocopter just launched on Steam Greenlight. If you’re nice, you’ll download the demo and vote YES!

unTied Games –
Atmocopter on Steam Greenlight
Star Reaction

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It’s official: XNA is dead” –
unTied Games devlog
unTied Games – Speed Sprinting video

Extracurricular Activities (with Ryan Foss)

Once a month, the Twin Cities chapter of the International Game Developers Association holds a public meetup, where all are welcome to view presentations, plug their projects, and network with others.

As chair of the IGDA-TC, Ryan Foss coordinates and hosts the meetup, and his example helps foster a welcoming and supportive environment for Twin Cities gamedevs. In this episode, we talk to Ryan about what it takes to maintain an “extracurricular activity.”

The next IGDA-TC meetup, mentioned in this episode, takes place Wednesday, Feb 8th. Details here.

International Game Developers Association, Twin Cities
Minnesota Virtual Reality and Human-Computer Interaction Group
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