“Videogame turducken.” Steam; Games in Games

It’s been awhile since your nice hosts recorded in the clubhouse, and they have a lot to talk about, including news about Martha’s now-in-development point-and-click game!

This, plus the return of Mortho, an uncritical endorsement of capitalism, and Stephen admitting that Uncharted 4 maybe had some good things about it.


[0:10:06] Steam

[0:43:35] Games in Games

“I have so much feelings…” Loot Systems; Loot Boxes

This week, your nice hosts get into it. Stephen is split on everything, Mark is the bad guy, and it’s all Martha’s fault.

Stephen and Mark talked about their Ludum Dare 40 game, Widget Satchel, which Martha played on last week’s Nice Plays episode!

[0:03:58] Loot Systems

[0:29:30] Loot Boxes

“Schrödinger’s Animal Crossing.” Influences; Repetition

This week is Stephen’s first turn as roundtable host, Mark teaches us about film and Martha sells her soul for three Destiny 2 faction tokens.

Mark and Stephen and friends made it through Ludum Dare! Check out their game called Widget Satchel.

[0:02:49] Influences

[0:46:44] Repetition

“Shaniqua Shepard sounds cool.” Fighting Games; Character Roleplaying

This week, Martha host her first roundtable episode, Mark starts another argument, and Stephen gets sassy about his favorite game genre.

Stephen did regret promising to have his talk notes up. They’ll be up ASAP!

If you’ve got time this weekend, Ludum Dare is indeed happening in a few days.

Martha had a blast at the My Brother, My Brother and Me show!

[0:08:08] Fighting Games

[0:40:09] Character Roleplaying

“This misinformation vortex.” One year of Nice Games Club!

It’s a very special episode, as your nice hosts celebrate one year(!!!) of Nice Games Club by revising their favorite topics from the show’s first 50+ episodes. Also: Mark complains about Las Vegas, Martha repeatedly gets the last laugh, and Stephen doesn’t like talking about his problems.

Reminisce with us by listening to our very first episode.

[0:03:06] Imposter Syndrome

[0:14:20] Conferences

[0:24:50] VR Development

[0:40:08] Prototyping

[0:48:44] Messages and Meanings

[1:06:04] Strategy Guides

[1:13:57] The future of Nice Games Club