“Boo!” Upcoming Games; Release Dates; Win Conditions

In our first (and likely only ever) Halloween episode, Martha haunts the clubhouse, Mark delivers some bad Zelda-related news to Stephen, and from Stephen’s topic a thousand flowers bloom.

Stephen’s IDGA talk is next week! Details here.

Mark gave a talk on object-oriented programming at the first annual M+DEV conference last weekend.

[0:04:41] Upcoming Games

[0:20:58] Release Dates

[0:31:07] Win Conditions

“Right the dang now!” Scope Creep; eSports

In this episode, Stephen fights his demons, Martha likes sports now, and Mark learns a lot about both.

Stephen will be speaking at the November IGDA Twin Cities meeting! Details will be posted at igdatc.org soon.

[0:02:41] Scope Creep

[0:30:53] eSports

“I do business.” DLC and Expansions; Genre in Games

This week, Stephen finally gets a theme song, Mark plays devil’s advocate, and Martha gets dangerously close to a topic your nice hosts swore to never talk about on the show.

[0:02:40] DLC and Expansions

[0:38:34 ] Genre in Games

“Qapla’!” Linguistics for Game Designers; Making Your Own Tools

This week, Martha has so much to talk about that she runs out of time, Stephen espouses the virtues of building your own gamedev tools, and Mark names the episode after a Star Trek thing because it’s his birthday today so he gets to.

Speaking of Star Trek, Mark’s IGDA-TC presentation, How to build a Holodeck: A Star Trek VR postmortem, is tomorrow night (September 13th, 6pm, at The Nerdery in Bloomington, MN). Join us!

Discuss this episode on Reddit using this thread in r/gamedev.

[0:03:31] Intro to Linguistics for game developers

[0:44:57] Making your own tools

“You can see the cabbage in it.” Game Immersion; Main Menus and First Impressions

It’s a slightly experimental show this week, as we try to see what a two-topic episode looks like. Also, Martha defends her love of coleslaw, Stephen still doesn’t really like VR, and Mark has almost completely lost his voice.

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[0:05:54] Video Game Immersion

[0:39:27] Main Menus and First Impressions