“Proper ones and twos.” Inputs/Controls; Coding Styles; Shooters

This week, your nice hosts are still relaxing in Mark’s dining room for an episode that has it all: a disagreement about Bluetooth, some good ClawTalk™, and the shortest conversation ever had on the subject of tabs vs. spaces. All this, plus a slightly higher than usual number of wild digressions.

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[0:01:29] Input Methods and Controls

[0:36:40] Coding Styles

[1:13:45] Splatoon 2, ur, I mean Shooters

“Ugly and hard to use.” Your Game’s Website; Exhibits and Installations; Losing

This week, Martha stops short of detailing the DNS protocol, Mark describes a completely different Star Trek VR thing which he made for the Minnesota Orchestra Hall, and Stephen explains how to lose like a real champ.

Plus, like the classic 1985 film Clue, this episode has multiple endings!

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[0:08:13] Your Game’s Website

[0:36:31] Game Exhibits and Installations

[1:06:40] Losing

“Maybe a Zeldo.” Enemy AI; Co-op Games; Speedrunning

The clubhouse A/C broke, and it got so hot during the recording of this episode that your nice hosts started to get a little delirious.

But before they completely melted down, Mark talked about how Enemy AI can be a great tool for both level design and narrative design, Stephen collaborated on a discussion about co-op games, and Martha shared her excitement about the recently held Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning event.

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  • Stephen on Twitter: @leonyx03
  • Some highlights from Mark’s VR night! 1, 2, 3

[0:03:00] Enemy AI

[0:29:40] Co-op Games

[0:47:42] Speedrunning

“My computer vapes.” Building a PC; Pen and Paper RPGs; E3 Recap

Martha brags about her computer, Mark finds yet another excuse to talk about Star Trek, and Stephen is still holding out hope for a Smash Bros. announcement.

NOTE: After an epic (off-screen) battle, your nice hosts have managed to regain control of the clubhouse from their evil counterparts. We apologize for last week’s evil interruption. It will never happen again… we hope.

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[0:05:08] Building a PC

[0:37:18]  Pen and Paper RPGs

Pictured: Stephen in another life.

[1:01:03] E3 Recap

“We joke here.” Future Projects; Steam Direct; Racing Games

In this episode, you nice hosts discuss some current events and engage in some future prognostications. Plus: more puns than reasonable.

Apologies for the slightly odd audio quality on this one. The band playing at the bar downstairs was a bit louder and started a bit earlier than we expected. Much sound modeling. So noise reduction.

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  • Martha’s dad will be speaking at the IDGA-TC meeting, on July 12th. Visit igdatc.org for more details.

[0:04:31] Future Projects

[0:37:40] Steam Direct

[0:53:02] Racing Games

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