“75% Sure.” Runtimes, SDKs, and APIs; Mobile Games; Difficulty

In our second-longest ever, Mark explains the difference between an API and an SDK (and why it’s important to know), Martha got her phone mugged and lost all her mobile game saves, and Stephen leads a discussion about designing for difficulty in your games (but mainly as an excuse to talk about fighting games again).

All this, plus your nice hosts celebrate 30 episodes, and Mark doesn’t edit out something Martha asks him to, but only because Martha was the one who edited this episode.

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[0:02:31] Runtimes, SDKs, and APIs

[0:23:34] Mobile Games

[0:54:27] Difficulty

“I am a Juice Journeyman!” Serial Game Design, Video Game Juice (with Lane Davis)

A roundtable episode in disguise! Game designer/developer and friend of the show, Lane Davis, enters the clubhouse to guest host an episode where the topics are all his!

Lane brings some friendly debate (and shockingly accurate calendar math) to the show, in his continuing quest to make Nice Games Club just a little bit less nice. Yet he somehow manages to say some of the nicest things anyone has ever said on the program.

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[0:03:05] Serial Game Design

[0:14:57] Changing your mind as a game developer

[0:31:19] Starting your next project

[0:35:18] Video Game Juice

“That makes me retroactively nervous.” GlitchCon Debrief, Game Design Primer, Multitasking

In this roundtable episode, your nice hosts settle back into the clubhouse, still exhausted a few days after the excitement of GlitchCon 2017.

Martha conducts a debrief on the weekend’s festivities, Stephen gives his presentation on game design (for both new and experienced gamedevs), and Mark leads a discussion on multitasking in game development workflows.

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[0:02:26] GlitchCon 2017 Debrief

[0:31:06] Game Design Primer

[0:48:33] Multitasking in Game Development

“The Stevechievement.” Version Control, Art Direction, Console vs PC Development

This week’s roundtable episode features a (mostly) silent co-host: Ikaros the official Glitch HQ office doge! While not distracted by adorableness, Martha gives a primer on Git and version control best practices, Stephen leads a discussion on art direction, and Mark tries to understand PC gamers.

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[0:03:58] Version Control

[0:33:38] Art Direction

[0:54:44] Console vs PC Development

“I trolled myself.” Business Stuff, Nintendo Switch, Competitive Play

This week’s roundtable provides practical knowledge on three of today’s most important life topics: Starting a business, being a good competitor, and playing Nintendo.

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[0:01:51] Business Stuff
“Is game development your hobby or your business? – Gamasutra
“How LLC Members Are Taxed” – Nolo
Starting a Business – MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
“Do You Need a Physical Address For Your Business?” – LegalZoom

[0:23:49] Nintendo Switch
“Arms launches on June 16, new character Min Min revealed” – Nintendo Everything
“Nintendo Reveals A New ARMS Character, And It’s An Odd One” – NintendoLife
Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Hestu’s dance
Jackbox Party Pack 3
Human Resource Machine
“Nintendo Switch dev kits could run as low as $440” – Gamasutra
“With the Switch, Nintendo is getting right what the PlayStation Vita got wrong” – GamesRadar
“PlayStation Vita isn’t dead, just ask Nintendo Switch indie developers” – The Verge

[0:43:20] Competition
“‘Playing to Win’ and a Philosophy of Competition in Gaming” – Gamasutra
“Is Wavedashing necessary for competitive play?” – reddit
Clawbreaker Trailer
Metro Nexus Gameplay