“Will you be the best with me?” Gaming Mastery, Strategy Guides, Designing Party Games

Some firsts in this episode: Our first iTunes review (thanks, Abdiwak!), our first episode of interconnected topics, and our first big ideological disagreement (ooo, drama!).

[01:33] Gaming Mastery
Gamer Motivation Profile quiz

[20:45] Strategy Guides and Wikis
(Martha) Pokemon Crystal guide
Stephen) Donkey Kong Country 2 guide
(Mark) Nintendo Power’s Dragon Warrior giveaway

[38:30] Designing Party Games
Ultimate Chicken Horse
We Didn’t Playtest This At All!
Jackbox Party Pack
Save the Whales
Sushi Go!

“Bananas, from here to eternity” – Bugs, Game Jams, Developer Art

Our post-Xmas episode features “happiness, all over the place,” multiple instances of the word “chill,” and is covered with Mark’s since-Thanksgiving sniffles.

SUPERHOT VR review – RoadToVR

[02:36] Bugs!
Street Fighter II designer opens up about the cancelling ‘bug’ – Gamasutra
“Indie Game Project Management with Trello” – Michael Cann
Bethesda. Bethesda Never Changes…
Regression testing – Wikipedia
Goat Simulator Hits Xbox One With “Millions of Bugs” – Gamespot

[20:55] Game Jams!
Global Game Jam (January 20 – 22 , 2017)
Gamecraft.mn (Minnesota GGJ site)
Midwest Game Jam 2016 games
How to Get the Most Out of a Game Jam – tuts+
Ludum Dare

[42:08] Developer Art!
Better Programmer Art – gamedev.net
White Boxing Your Game – Gamasutra
Behind Borderlands’ 11th-hour style change – Gamespot
The Legend of Zelda at Spaceworld 2000

“It’s against the law to stop” – Westworld, Crafting Systems, Designing Games for Non-Gamers

Nothing can stop us, not even good jazz at high volume!

MN Gamedev Twitter Bot

[02:00] – Westworld as a Video Game
What People Who Make Video Games Think of Westworld – io9

[11:44] – Crafting Systems
Minecraft’s unique crafting system
No Man’s Sky is an existential crisis simulator… – Vox
Little Alchemy
Doodle God
Little Inferno

[27:30] – Designing Games for Non-Gamers
Boom Blox, a Steven Spielberg/EA Game
Operant Conditioning Chamber (aka Skinner Box)
Video Games Are Boring

“We In This” – Impostor Syndrome, Games Conferences, VR Development

Holy bolts, our first episode!

[01:58] Impostor Syndrome
Wiki article
International Game Developers Association – Twin Cities

[22:38] Gaming Events
Oculus Touch controllers
Lone Echo multiplayer
Fingeance demo download
Obduction VR

[55:57] VR Development
“Attack on Titan” VR experiment
Andrew Fladeboe VR
Beach Ball Valley
Intropy Games